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Tube Mill
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Tube Mill is the way to forming, welding, constant-radius and cutting a continuous metal band of predetermined width, the production of welded tube.

The materials used for tubes manufacturing: stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium.

The welding method, there are high-frequency welding, laser welding, plasma welding, and TIG welding.
We will distinguish according to the requirements and production volume.

We went our own pipe production for many years.

We incorporated in pipe-making software generously to its outstanding know-how, I will have the design and manufacture of pipe forming machine user friendly.

Type of Welding Method of Tube Mill

1. High Frequency Resistance Welding
2. Laser Beam Welding
3. PLASMA Welding, Improved TIG Welding
4. Hi Pulse TIG Welding, Improved TIG Welding
5. Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
6. Metal Inert Gas Welding)

Tube Mills Type & Product Range

Drive Shaft Diameter
Out Diameter
(Welding Type (Standard)
KU-10 25.0 Φ 6.0〜10.0 0.4〜0.8 TIG
KU-16 30.0 Φ 8.0〜16.0 0.5〜1.2 TIG
KU-20 35.0 Φ 8.0〜20.0 0.5〜1.5 TIG
KU-25 35.0 Φ 10.0〜25.0 0.8〜1.5 ERW. TIG
1KU 40.0 Φ 12.7〜34.0 0.8〜2.0 ERW. TIG
1-1/2KU 45.0 Φ 16.0〜48.6 0.8〜2.5 ERW. TIG
2KU 50.8 Φ 19.0〜60.5 1.2〜3.0 ERW. TIG
2-1/2 KU 60.0 Φ 25.0〜76.3 1.5〜4.0 ERW. TIG
3KU 65.0 Φ 34.0〜89.1 2.0〜4.0 ERW. TIG
3-1/2 KU 70.0 Φ 50.8〜101.6 2.0〜4.0 ERW. TIG
4KU 80.0 Φ 73.0〜114.3 2.0〜5.0 ERW. TIG
6KU 100.0 Φ 89.1〜165.2 2.0〜6.6 ERW. TIG